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Different types of hypnotherapy

In Clinical Hypnotherapy there are many different types of hypnotherapy available to the therapist: Traditional hypnotherapy (often called suggestion hypnotherapy) uses suggestions to help the

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Gerald F Kein

RIP Gerald Kein 1939-2017

Gerald Kein was a hypnosis teacher that taught a lot of people hypnosis. He founded the Omni Hypnosis Training Center back in 1979 and created

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Religion or hypnosis?

A lot of things that happen in religion is actually a form of hypnosis. From the chanting and even the reactions people have to healing

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Hypnosis for fitness

Finding useful articles is actually quite difficult. I found an article on Elle in regards to hypnosis for fitness Also, Olivia Munn believes that hypnosis

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You’re back in the room

The Mirror (UK newspaper and e-newspaper) reports that ITV will be airing a TV game show called “You’re Back In The Room” with all contestants

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Havening techniques

Havening are not hypnosis techniques, they are techniques that can be used in conjunction with hypnosis. A healing process that helps to remove trauma and

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