RIP James R Ramey, father of UltraDepth 1947-2016


Ralph Allocco, an UltraDepth trainer and friend wrote this on the UltraDepth forum:

On June 1, 2016 I lost my best friend, Jim to cancer. Jim was a wonderfully good and kind man with an incredible passion for Ultra Depth Hypnosis. He was an incredible teacher and he challenged, persuaded, and encouraged his students to learn with dedication and an obvious passion. He left behind 2 daughters, a son, his lady Doris and thousands of friends, students and acquaintances’ that have cared for him very deeply.  Jim has moved on to his next Life with (Jamie) his Sub-conscious, and will be remembered for years to come.

Good bye for now Jim.  I will remember you always.  Your friend Ralph Allocco

James Ramey was the father of the UltraDepth programme, turning Walter Sichort’s experiments in deep hypnosis into a training course that challenged the minds of those brave enough to take the training. Through techniques such as TCT and Visity reaching ever deeper into the mind and into the depths of hypnosis beyond James Esdaile’s Coma state into states of total relaxation and communication with the subconsious to invoke healing at core levels in the body at record speeds unimpeded by the conscious mind.

James will be sadly missed.

Born: 22th December 1947