Different types of hypnotherapy

In Clinical Hypnotherapy there are many different types of hypnotherapy available to the therapist:

  • Traditional hypnotherapy (often called suggestion hypnotherapy) uses suggestions to help the client solve a problem while in the state of hypnosis, because the subconscious is more open to suggestion. If the client is needing to lose weight; stop smoking or overcome anxiety. This type of hypnotherapy works for people who accept what they are told.

However, some clients don’t work well with instruction, so Ericksonian hypnotherapy (discovered by Milton H Erickson) uses metaphors rather than suggestions in order to bring the client into hypnosis. A therapist may say something like: “Your eyes will become tired when I read you this story, as they become tired allow them to do so, if your eyes close, you will feel a pleasant sensation as you begin to relax”

  • Ericksonian hypnotherapy can be especially effective as it eliminates resistance from the conscious mind.
  • Hypno-psychotherapy is a set of techniques that combines hypnotherapy with different psychotherapy tools like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to work with deeper seated issues.
  • Cognitive Hypnotherapy incorporates techniques that update the subconscious mind to work with the conscious mind to help with its understanding of reality. Drawing on a range other theories and combining them so they fall in line with the clients values, goals and needs.
  • Hypnoanalysis comes from psycho analysis (also called analytical psychotherapy) and is used to target the root cause or trigger event that leads to the problem the client is facing. By identifying the root cause, the therapist can reduce negative associations and resolve resulting issues.
  • Past Life Regression works on the belief that we have past lives that are accessible via hypnosis. By accessing memories from previous lives the learnings can be used to resolve the issues of the current life. Past Life Regression
  • Solution Focused Hypnotherapy relies on the here and now, looking at the client’s current situation and how they would look like in the future. The sessions are client lead and the client takes the lead. Goal setting is the key and questioning techniques are used to help the client uncover the solution to whatever challenge the client is facing. The core belief is that the client has inner strength and resources to draw upon to help themselves, with the hypnotherapist acting as a facilitator.