Self Hypnosis

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, meaning that the hypnotherapist is only a guide or catalyst to elicit the trance experience within the client. The power of hypnosis resides in the client, not in the hypnotherapist

Traditionally, the client’s mind can enter the light hypnoidal states, however a hypnotist who trained in the use of the Ultra Depth® Staging Process can enable the client to enter the deeper states of hypnosis just by saying the associated keyword assigned to the client by the hypnotist so that the client can be more independent and rely on themselves instead of relying on the hypnotist or anyone else to help you reprogram their mind or resolve issues. Some issues and desires are more personal and better left to work on by themselves with privacy.

Cal Banyan’s 7th Path self-hypnosis combines hypnosis with mediation and your spirituality to create a more effective solution for stress management, motivation, self-esteem, habits, relationship problems and more.