KISS – Keeping it simple

It is all too easy to see hypnosis as being complicated or convoluted but it’s not. Hypnosis is easy!

Each of the greats used hypnosis in their own way. For example, Erickson may have used a bland monotone voice to point out distractions in the room, the objects in it and move on to the person’s body subtly and bring the awareness to and from them to those objects as if he were talking with the subject and within minutes, that subject would be in an altered state. Elman would get you there through a distraction such as an arm pull or drop or even through a handshake.

Complicating things with weird words just weirds out the subject, keep it simple and you will have success.

Tell yourself you are the best hypnotist in the world and you are the best hypnotist, your subject will think so too!