A number of different techniques can be used to deepen the state of a hypnotic client:

  1. Silence – By suggesting to the client that “until I again touch you on your shoulder, you will only continue to go deeper and you will pay no attention to my voice”. However, do not leave your client for more than 15 minutes for some clients tend to either come out of hypnosis on their own, or lapse into normal sleep.
  2. Exhaling – By suggesting to the client that when they exhale, they will automatically go deeper. Ideal when combined with the silence suggestion above.
  3. Counting – Count down your client from any number, for example 1 to 10.
  4. Ideomotor suggestions – Use eye catalepsy, arm catalepsy, etc.
  5. Ideosensory suggestions – Hot and cold, and those affecting the 5 senses.
  6. Pyramiding – Repeating the inductions without exiting the state.
  7. Fractionation – Hypnotise, wake up and then re-hypnotise a several times.
  8. Compounding suggestions – Suggest that every move your client makes, and every suggestion you make will send him deeper and deeper.