Esdaile as the doorway to OOBE


The Esdaile state is the first state that gives the mind and body a separation which makes it ideal for experiencing Out Of Body Experiences (OOBE or OBE) Those who wish to Astral Travel or merely experience the euphoric states do so in this state. Edgar Cayce worked in this state to bring through the messages he did for most of his life.

The state is credited to Dr James Esdaile, who performed groundbreaking surgery with high success rates before the introduction of chemical anaesthetics. What he coined his “coma state” which turns out to have nothing to do with the medical coma you hear of. In fact, the chemical anaesthetics trigger a medical coma that knocks out both the conscious and subconscious minds. There is no memory in the medical coma, whereas in the Esdaile state there is memory recall.